Guidelines and Procedures for NCSB Awards


NCSB recognizes the accomplishments of individuals or entities that have made significant contributions to the regulation of speech-language pathology and/or audiology.  These contributions are recognized through the presentation of the NCSB Special Recognition Award and the NCSB Honors of the Association.  The award(s) are presented annually at the NCSB Fall conference and are in the form of a certificate or plaque.  Acknowledgement of the award is also recognized through submission of a letter of commendation from NCSB in the recipient’s name to the licensing board in the state where service occurred, or to the organization or other entity where the recipient is employed.

Note:  Each member state, member organization/entity, or individual member is limited to the submission of one nomination per year.  Current members of the NCSB Board of Directors are not eligible for nomination.  The Honors Committee will select a nominee or nominees qualified to receive each award and submit their recommendation(s) to the NCSB Board of Directors for final approval.

Specific criteria for each award are outlined in the following paragraphs.  Nomination procedures are detailed in the application that can be downloaded from this web site.



This award is given to individuals who have demonstrated exemplary commitment and contribution(s) in the area of regulation at the state level.  Eligible activities or achievements for which the award will be given include, but are not limited to, program development through an innovative and replicable design, extraordinary service and commendable contributions to a state licensure board, and/or recent advocacy activities leading to changes in regulation.  Exemplary contributions may be evidenced by a single, specific activity, or by a series of related, integrated activities resulting in the achievement of a common goal.

Eligible individuals are those who:

·         Currently serve on a state licensing board or committee or have status as a paid employee of the entity

·         Are a past member of a state licensing board or committee

·         Are a past member of the NCSB Board of Directors

·         Are affiliated with a professional organization or other entity whose focus is on regulatory issues facing the profession



This award is intended to recognize an individual for his/her exemplary contributions to NCSB, a licensing board in their state, or an individual employed by an organization or other entity that addresses regulatory issues/concerns for the professions.  Contributions should relate to protection of the public or protection of those who receive services from a speech-language pathologist or audiologist, or otherwise impact in some way the advancement of these professions.

This individual should have demonstrated a commitment to the monitoring of the professions through one of the following:

·         Service to NCSB

·         Service on a state licensing board or committee that regulates the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology

·         Service to an organization or other entity that addresses regulatory issues for the professions

·         Service at both the state and national level

Please note that Honors of the Association recognize contributions on both the state and the national level while the Special Recognition Award recognizes contributions on the state level.  Nomination procedures differ in that ONE letter of support must be submitted with the narrative, while for Honors of the Association,  TWO letters of support must be submitted with the narrative.


1.      Nominations for NCSB Awards, either Honors or the Special Recognition Award, are to be submitted to the NCSB Honors Committee each year.  See specific criteria for each award as outlined above.

2.      The nomination must include:

a.       Completion of the Award nomination form (see attached form).  Submission of the form is restricted to NCSB members.

b.      Narrative describing the nomination, not to exceed three pages in length.  The narrative should provide background information about the nominee and how that nominee meets the criteria for the nomination, specifically how that nominee demonstrated exemplary volunteerism efforts to NCSB and/or the state licensing board and/or the professions.

c.       ONE letter of support is required for the Special Recognition Award;

TWO letters of support are required for Honors of the Association.

d.      The nomination packet may be submitted by email to or mailed to the NCSB office.

e.       The Honors Committee will select a nominee or nominees qualified to receive the award(s) and submit their recommendations to the NCSB Board of Directors for approval.


Amended and approved May 2014

Previous Honor Recipients

Louise Colodzin
Eugene Cooper
Kenneth Gist
Connie Lynch

Suzanne Pevey
George Purvis
Randolph Reaves
Sherry Sancibian
Michael Seidemann
Roberta Silver
Ayn Stehr
Virginia Walker
Theresa Rodgers

Recipients of Special Recognition Award

Sandy Leybold

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