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NCSB Honors Award

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Philosophy and Purpose

The Honors of the Association Award (Honors Award) is intended to recognize an individual for his or her exemplary contributions to NCSB, a licensing board in their state, or an individual employed by an organization or other entity that addresses regulatory issues/concerns for the professions. This individual should have demonstrated a commitment to the monitoring of the professions through one of the following:

  • service to NCSB;
  • service on a state licensing board or committee that regulates the professions of speech- language pathology and/or audiology; or
  • service to an organization or other entity that addresses regulatory issues for the professions.

Such contributions should help to ensure protection of the public or protection of those who receive services from a speech language pathologist or audiologist, or impact in some way the advancement of these professions.


The NCSB Honors Award will be presented annually at the fall conference/meeting of the NCSB. The person chosen to receive this award will receive a certificate or plaque in acknowledgement of the award with a letter of commendation from NCSB to the licensing board in the state where service occurred or the organization or other entity where the person works or is employed. If the award is for service to NCSB, a copy of the letter of commendation will be sent to the state board in the state where that person resides. Reimbursement for the hotel and travel expenses will be given, if approved by the Board of Directors, in accordance with the current NCSB Reimbursement Policy.

Criteria for Selection

A nominee for the NCSB Honors Award should have demonstrated outstanding contributions/achievements as specified below:

  1. Leadership in the development and/or promotion of activities that assist a licensing board in exercising its licensing, regulatory, and disciplinary functions, and/or service to NCSB that facilitates communication and interaction among member boards and organizations concerning certification and licensure of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Examples might include:
    1. enhancing consumer awareness of the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology through the state board or organization web site or publications;
    2. Suggesting and/or creating licensing programs that help ensure protection of the public through appropriate disciplinary activities;
    3. Creating outreach programs for employers or members of NCSB designed to educate and inform these individuals about laws and regulations pertaining to the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology;
    4. Establishing partnerships with other allied health boards and/or state associations for the purpose of enhancing the professions and/or for consumer outreach, consumer protection or consumer education.
  2. Nominees may currently be serving on a state licensing board, may be a past member of a licensing board or committee, may be a past member of NCSB Board of Directors, or may work for an organization or other entity that has a focus on regulatory issues facing the professions. As a current or former employee of the organization or other entity the individual must have fulfilled the qualifications specified in #1 above. Current members of the NCSB Board of Directors are not eligible for nomination.
  3. The contributions made to the state licensing board/committee, organization and/or NCSB must have proven to be of benefit to the NCSB, the state board, the professions, and/or to consumers of speech-language pathology and audiology services. The specific impact on professionals or consumers must be documented in the nomination form.
  4. The individual being nominated must have served on NCSB’s Board of Directors, the state licensing board and/or committee member of the state licensing board, or have worked for or been employed by an organization within the past five years as the award is intended to recognize recent leaders in the licensure/regulatory arena.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Nominations for the NCSB Honors Award are to be submitted to the NCSB Business Office ( The individual nominated must be or have been associated with at least one of the following:
    1. a state licensing board/committee as a current or past member;
    2. a past member of the NCSB Board of Directors; OR
    3. an organization that addresses regulatory issues/concerns for the professions.
  2. The nomination must include:
    1. Completion of NCSB Honors Award nomination form (page 4 of pdf). Submission of the form is restricted to NCSB members.
    2. Narrative describing the nomination, not to exceed three pages (in a font no smaller than 10 point and double spaced), which addresses the following areas in addition to providing a complete description of the activities, program initiative(s) and other contributions of the individual being nominated.
      1. Background information about the individual leader, including the individual’s personal efforts which have led to the education of the public, a program initiative, enhancement of the professions, etc.
      2. How the activity addressed a need for NCSB, the professions, and/or the state licensing board.
      3. Why the initiative or activity was innovative or exemplary.
      4. Were the efforts sustainable?
      5. Did the activity or initiative comply with the mission of the NCSB, the state licensing board, or the organization/entity concerned with regulatory issues for the professions.
      6. Was the activity connected to advancing the work of the professions?
      7. Did the NCSB and/or state licensing board and/or consumers benefit from the initiative or activity?
      8. Concluding statements about how the efforts of the nominee demonstrated exemplary volunteerism to the NCSB or the state licensing board/committee and/or the professions.
    3. Two letters of support.
  3. Each member state, member organization/entity or individual member is limited to the submission of one nomination per year.
  4. A complete copy of the nomination packet may be submitted by email,
  5. The Committee will select a nominee or nominees qualified to receive the award and submit their recommendation(s) to the NCSB Board of Directors for final approval.

Proposed Timeline

  • June 15: Deadline for receipt of nominations: nomination packets are reviewed for completeness and reasonable efforts will be made to follow-up with anyone who submitted an incomplete packet.
  • August 15: Notification sent to award recipients.
  • October: Award is presented at the fall conference.
  • October: After the fall conference, Honors Committee Chair and president of NCSB send letter to award recipient’s home state licensure board and/or employer.

    Download the Application

    Amended and approved March 2018
    Timelines revised March 2018

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