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National Council of State Boards of Examiners

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States with Regulation of Support Personnel

Alabama Registration Bachelor's Degree or equivalent
Alaska Registration Associate of applied science in disabilities or speech-language support emphasis from approved program or Bachelor’s Degree in SLP
Arizona Licensure Completion of 60 credit hour training program SLP
Arkansas Registration Bachelor's or SLPA Training Program Culminating in Associate's Degree SLP
California Registration Associate from SLPA Program or Bachelor's Degree in SLP or Comm. Dis. SLP
District of Columbia Registration SLPA - Bachelor’s in SLP or Associate’s Degree from SLPA Technical Training Program
Aud. Asst. - 2 years of college with minimum of 48 semester hours, Associate Degree, or Technical School Certification Program
Florida Certification SLPA - Bachelor's Degree
Aud. Asst. - High School Diploma or Equivalent
Georgia Registration SLP Aide - High School Diploma or Equivalent
Aud. Asst. - Associate Degree or 2 years of College Education or Completion of Technical School Cert. Program in Health Care
Idaho Licensure Associate Degree
Illinois Licensure Associate Degree from department-approved program or Bachelor’s Degree
Indiana Registration Associate Degree - Speech Associate; Bachelor's Degree - Speech Assistant SLP
Kentucky Licensure Bachelor's Degree SLP
Louisiana Licensure Bachelor's Degree SLP
Maine Licensure Associate Degree from SLPA program or Bachelor’s in CSD SLP
Maryland Licensure SLP Assistant - Associate or Bachelor’s Degree
Aud. Asst. – High School Diploma or Equivalent
Massachusetts Licensure Associate Degree from Approved Program or Bachelor's Degree Both
Missouri Registration Bachelor’s Degree in SLP or Equivalent or Bachelor’s and certificate from approved assistant program SLP
Montana Registration Bachelor’s Degree in CSD - SLP Aide/Assistant I;
Bachelor’s Degree not in CSD – SLP Aide/Assistant II
*Licensure of audiology and SLP assistants created by 2021 statute. On hold until licensure exam created.
Nebraska Registration Associate or Bachelor's Degree or Equivalent Both
New Hampshire Certification Associate Degree or higher
New Mexico Licensure
Bachelor's Degree + Enrollment in Grad Program (or completion of grad hours if not enrolled in master's program; Title = Apprentice in Speech-Language) SLP
North Carolina Registration Associate or Bachelor's Degree SLP
North Dakota Licensure Bachelor's Degree in CSD or SLP
Oklahoma Licensure SLP Assistant - Associate Degree (or equivalent) with emphasis in CSD
Audiology Assistant – High School Diploma or Equivalent
Oregon Certification As of 9-1-2021: Associate degree in SLP assisting or bachelor’s in CSD or post baccalaureate certificate in CSD
Prior to 9-1-2021: 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of general education credit + 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of technical credit related to communication disorders
Rhode Island Registration Bachelor's Degree + 18 grad. hours - SLP Aide SLP
South Carolina Licensure Bachelor's Degree SLP
South Dakota Licensure Associate in SLP Assisting or Bachelor’s Degree with emphasis in CSD SLP
Tennessee Registration 60 Semester Hours (gen. ed. + knowledge & skills for SLPA) SLP
Texas Licensure Bachelor's Degree - SLP Assistant
Bachelor's Degree or High School Diploma + 20 Hour CAOHC Course/Exam - Aud. Assistant
Washington Certification Associate or Bachelor's Degree SLP
West Virginia Registration Associate or Bachelor's Degree Both
Wyoming Certification Associate Degree-SLPA or Bachelor’s Degree in SLP + completion of ASHA SLPA requirements or SLPA training certificate program SLP

*The term support personnel as used here refers to individuals having a minimum of an associate degree or equivalent.  There are other states that regulate assistants and/or aides which require university coursework, but do not mandate a minimum of an associate degree. Additionally, there are states (e.g., Connecticut, Utah, Minnesota [associate or bachelor’s required]) that regulate the practice (duties allowed, prohibited duties, supervision, etc.) but do not credential the assistant.  It should be noted that there are states which have support personnel provisions for individuals with a high school diploma or GED who may be referred to as aides or assistants. For example, this is the requirement for audiology and SLP assistants in Ohio and the credential is licensure.

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